Music and cuisine are uniquely capable of uniting strangers. They can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, and so they allow people to build cross-cultural bridges in ways that time-and-place-dependent forms of communication cannot. Musical sounds can form lasting associations with particular tastes. They provide a sensory envelope to the gustatory experience — the effect lingers long after the food has been digested.

3 Forks at Night is our way of celebrating the deep connection of food and music. It is a set of playlists that provide evocative musical accompaniment to home dining. They are sequenced in a way that maps on to the dining ritual: from preparation, to cooking, to eating. Their tone and texture vary according to the season.

DJ Kypros Karaviotis has put his curatorial acumen in the service of our ideas about the marriage of music and cuisine. At a time when music is reduced to data, and becoming ever more ephemeral and disposable, Kypros’s playlists manage to capture something of lasting value.

The music selection is both eclectic and idiosyncratic. It draws inspiration from the four corners of the globe: the festivity of Tel Aviv, the clubs of London, New York, Paris, Barcelona, Ibiza, the Jazz cafes of Tokyo and the lounge bar scene of a bygone era, when hip restaurants used to feature lounge / ethnic music prominently — a period that, as it happens, was professionally and personally formative for chef Petros Andrianou.

The result is a collection of sounds that pairs with food as delightfully as a bottle of fine wine or refined spirit.

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